When driving in the school zone, stress less

08 October 2014

With research showing one in three Australian drivers are getting stressed when dropping off or collecting children from school, SGIC is urging all drivers to keep their cool when school goes back next week*.

The survey of over 500 Australian drivers who drive kids to school also found that one in four admitted to ignoring parking signs or rules when dropping off or picking up kids from school. 

As students return to class next week for Term 4, SGIC is urging parents and carers who drive children to and from school to allow plenty of time and to follow the traffic rules.

SGIC spokesperson Tracy Woodley said drivers are encouraged to stay calm and follow the rules when in school drop-off and pick-up zones to help avoid a collision.

“We understand everyone leads busy lives and we’re all rushing to work or other commitments, however drivers need to be aware of the increased traffic around schools to ensure children and pedestrians are safe.

“The parking, drop-off and pick-up rules are in place at schools to help keep children safe and assist with traffic flow, however we understand it can be a stressful experience.

“Stress affects your concentration and losing focus, for even a split second, puts you at greater risk of having a collision.

“So we urge all drivers to follow the rules and keep their stress levels down when doing the school run for the safety of the children and also for their own benefit,” said Ms Woodley.

SGIC offers some tips to drivers:

  • Try and leave home early to avoid the peak school drop-off and pick-up times
  • Consider car pooling with other drivers to avoid doing the school run five days a week
  • If you have the time, perhaps park away from the school and walk the child
  • If you’re caught in traffic remember to take a deep breath, sit back and enjoy the time – getting frustrated can affect your ability to concentrate on the road

* Based on Pure Profile Research, August 2014

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