Spring clean stocktake at home

31 October 2013

With around 75 per cent of South Australian households spring cleaning, SGIC is encouraging people to use the opportunity to take stock of their belongings and do a few simple chores around the home*.   The survey of 470 South Australian households also revealed that one in three has accidentally thrown out a valuable by mistake while spring cleaning. SGIC spokesperson Tracy Woodley encouraged households to take advantage of their spring cleaning spirit and check their insurance is up-to-date. “Throughout the year we continue to purchase new items like jewellery and electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops and gaming equipment.  

“All too often households can forget to ensure these items are protected under their insurance, especially as they are quite commonly taken out of the house,” said Ms Woodley. Spring cleaning is an annual tradition where many of us clean and organise the home both inside and out. “Some simple chores outside the house such as raking dry leaves, clearing the gutters and drains and removing any piles of rubbish or recycling material from around the home can help prevent damage when possible spring wild weather hits,” said Ms Woodley. 

SGIC recommends the following spring cleaning tips: 

  • When spring cleaning, take your time to avoid throwing out a valuable
  • Check that your home contents and portable contents insurance is up-to-date – you can typically make changes to your sum insured or add portable contents at any time
  • Take the time to review the value of your belongings - our online contents calculator can help
  • Download the Valuables Vault App to take photos, store and organise important information about your valuables, so it’s all there if you need to make a claim
  • Ensure the outside is clear of debris and rubbish and well maintained

For information about SGIC Home Contents insurance visit: www.sgic.com.au

* Based on a survey of 470 South Australian households by Pure Profile Research in August 2013 

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