Share the road Adelaide drivers and cyclists

26 August 2011

With research showing that over 30 per cent of Adelaide drivers have had a near miss with a cyclist, SGIC is urging drivers and cyclists to share the road to help reduce the risk of a collision*.

SGIC spokesperson Andrew Tubb said with the weather starting to warm up and the recent excitement around cycling we can expect more cyclists to be out and about.

“Research has shown us that a cyclist can be lost in a driver’s frontal blind spot from as close as nine metres, demonstrating how critical it is for both cyclists and drivers to be aware of what’s happening around them.

“We want to encourage Adelaide drivers and cyclists to work together to stay safe on the road,” said Mr Tubb.

SGIC offers some tips for Adelaide drivers and cyclists:

  • Drive with caution and watch out for cyclists at all times, allowing a safe distance when passing them
  • Drivers should be alert for cyclists at intersections, roundabouts and in residential streets
  • Cyclists should follow the road rules and use cycleways and bike lanes where available
  • When riding at night, cyclists should wear bright reflective clothing, secure reflectors to their bike and use headlights to ensure they are visible
  • Cyclists should always wear an Australian Standards approved helmet
  • Drivers and cyclists should make sure their insurance is up-to-date.

The insurer also said that cyclists should consider protecting themselves against liability for damage or injury they may cause.

“As a cyclist, when you have SGIC Home Contents Insurance, and you’re involved in a collision that’s your fault, you can be covered for property damage or injuries caused to another person,” Mr Tubb said.

SGIC Home Contents Insurance also covers your bicycle with your other belongings at home, and Adelaide households can take up the Portable Contents option to cover the bike if it is lost, stolen or accidentally damaged outside the home.

For more information see Home Contents Insurance.

* Based on a survey of 500 SA drivers by Pure Profile Research in August 2011.

This is general advice only so to see if this product is right for you, consider your own circumstances and the Product Disclosure Statement from the product issuer, SGIC.