SA drivers are burning the candle at both ends

20 July 2010

SGIC research has revealed around 55 per cent of SA drivers are getting an average of seven or less hours of sleep per night and more than one in three admitted to being tired at the wheel in the morning*.

A survey of 500 SA drivers found that more than 75 per cent are staying up later than 10pm most nights with almost 60 per cent watching TV / DVDs and around a quarter surfing the internet.

SGIC spokesperson Sue Hawkins said it’s important all drivers are awake and alert before getting behind the wheel.

“Our research showed that too many of us are driving while tired which means we are putting ourselves at higher risk of a collision.”

“We understand a lot of us lead busy lifestyles and want to squeeze in our favourite TV shows, movies or surf popular websites, however we recommend drivers get enough sleep per night so they are alert on the roads the next morning.”

“Our research also showed us that in addition to watching TV / DVDs and surfing the internet, people are catching up on housework and chores, talking or texting on the phone and around 12 per cent are socialising online.”

“SA drivers should be reminded that lack of sleep can build up over a number of days and then result in you becoming fatigued while you are behind the wheel and put you at risk of a collision.”

“We want to urge all SA drivers to be well rested before they get behind the wheel,” she said.

SGIC offers some tips to drivers:

  • If you are feeling tired and need to get to a destination, catch a bus or train or arrange a lift with someone who is well rested;
  • Consider car pooling with a fellow colleague so you can share the drive to work;
  • Always make sure you are well rested before starting your trip.

* Based on Pure Profile Research, July 2010.