IAG Research Centre

About the Research Centre

At SGIC Insurance, we take your car seriously and want to keep insurance affordable.

To learn more about the things you insure with us, we operate a state-of-the-art Research Centre.  Our team of engineers pull apart and crash cars, motorcycles and building products, while our technical specialists analyse a variety of data. No other insurer in Australia does this.

Our hands-on testing facility allows us to know more about the things we insure for you and gives us unique knowledge to improve our products and services.

Learn more about the Research Centre at iagresearch.com.au

Small car crash costs

Amongst the work the Research Centre does is to put the spotlight on the cost of repairs for low speed collisions by putting a range of top selling small vehicles to the test.

The crash apparatus uses a ‘roller coaster’ type device to simulate a 10km/h collision. This is ‘near walking-pace’ speed and the most common type of crash on our roads.

Poorly designed bumpers can slide under or over other bumpers on impact, causing more damage to both vehicles in a collision. The research highlights the large differences in repair costs of similarly priced and sized vehicles.

The test was designed to help car manufacturers to improve bumper bar design. This may help keep the cost of collision repairs affordable.

See the results at the IAG Research Centre

Self-parking cars

Reverse parking can be an ordeal for many drivers, leading to frazzled nerves and even car damage.

Fortunately, vehicle manufacturers are starting to take the guesswork out of reverse parking, offering 'self-parking' cars.

These cars have sensors which measure the parking space for you. This means, instead of trying to navigate your car back and forth into a parking space, with the press of a button you can park with the guided assistance of your car.

In this video, the SGIC Insurance Research Centre takes a close look at exactly how these automatic reverse parking cars work and shows how easy reverse parking can be.

*The SGIC Insurance low speed crash test program is a collision repair cost test and is not an indicator of vehicle safety features.