More eyes on SA driveways

25 October 2010

An increase in reversing cameras in new cars has seen an improvement in safety ratings in the 2010 SGIC Reversing Visibility Index.

Of the 218 cars tested, eight per cent scored the full five-star rating up from five per cent in 2009. The findings were strongly supported by the uptake in manufacturers featuring reversing cameras as a standard or optional extra.

SGIC spokesperson Robert McDonald congratulated manufacturers on adopting reversing cameras in more new vehicles, saying it’s a welcomed safety improvement.

“In an additional evolution in safety, we are pleased to see that all Australian built large family vehicles now come with a reversing camera as a standard or optional feature, including for the first time, the Holden Commodore sedan along with the Ford Falcon and Toyota Aurion/Camry.

“Although we have seen an increase in the adoption of reversing camera technology, 13 per cent of cars tested still scored a zero rating.

“This comes with further research showing that more than 60 per cent of SA drivers admitted to having a near miss while reversing, which is a confronting insight into the dangers of not having adequate visibility when reversing*.

“It’s also critical to be aware that this is not a 4WD issue, all vehicles have blind spots and the potential to block a person or objects from view and our results showed that a significant proportion of the zero rated cars were sedans, so it’s important all drivers take extra care when reversing.

“We would always encourage drivers that as well as looking at the reversing camera to pause, check their rear-view mirror and look over their shoulder as a final step before reversing to avoid any unnecessary collisions,” Mr McDonald said.

Mr McDonald added that families who are not quite ready to upgrade their car, have the option of purchasing a reversing camera and having it retro-fitted - a properly installed camera can improve the visibility of the car to a five-star standard.

SGIC Reversing Visibility Index

This Index has been developed to encourage drivers to compare the safety design features of vehicles. This measure takes into account the visible area and distance across the rear of the vehicle and whether cameras and sensors have been installed. Results are rated on a scale of zero to five-stars, with a rating of five indicating better reversing visibility than all other vehicles.

5 star vehicles

VehicleSeriesYear Model
BMW X5 (5 Door Wagon) - With OEM CameraE7003/07 -
Ford Territory (5 Door Wagon) - With OEM CameraSY10/05 -
Holden Commodore (5 Door Wagon) - With OEM CameraVE08/06 -
Honda Legend (Sedan) - With OEM Camera3008/06 -
Kia Soul (5 Door Hatch) - With OEM CameraAM04/09 -
Kia Sorento (5 Door Wagon) - With OEM CameraXM10/09 -
Lexus GS (Sedan) - With OEM CameraUZS190R03/05 -
Lexus IS250 (Sedan) - With OEM CameraGSE20R11/05 -
Lexus IS F (Sedan) - With OEM Sensors and CameraUSE20R10/08 -
Lexus LS460 (Sedan) - With OEM CameraUSF40R04/07 -
Lexus LX570 (5 Door Wagon) - With OEM CameraURJ201R04/08 -
Mercedes Benz E-Class (2 Door Coupe) - With OEM Camera20710/09 -
Mercedes-Benz E-Class (Sedan) – With OEM Camera21210/09 -
Mitsubishi ASX (5 Door Wagon) - With OEM CameraXA07/10 -
Subaru Liberty Exiga (5 Door Wagon) - With OEM CameraMY1010/10 -
Toyota Kluger (5 Door Wagon) - With OEM CameraGSU40508/07 -
Toyota Prado (3 Door Wagon) - With OEM CameraKDJ155R11/09 -

0 Star Vehicles

VehicleSeriesYear Model
Audi A5 (2 Door Coupe)8T05/09 -
Audi A5 (2 Door Convertible)8T08/09 -
Audi A3 (2 Door Convertible)8P07/08 -
Audi S4 (Sedan)8K05/09 -
Citroen C5 (Sedan)X709/08 -
Ford Falcon (Sedan)FG05/08 -
Holden Commodore (Sedan)VE08/06 -
Holden Epica (Sedan)EP03/07 -
Holden Cruze (Sedan)JG06/09 -
Honda Accord (Sedan)5002/08 -
Honda Accord (Euro) (Sedan)1006/08 -
Honda Civic (Sedan)4008/06 -
Hyundai i30 (5 Door Hatch)FD10/07 -
Hyundai ix35 (5 Door Wagon)LM02/10 -
Kia Cerato Koup (2 Door Coupe)TD09/09 -
Kia Cerato (Sedan)TD01/09 -
Mazda Mazda6 (5 Door Hatch)GH02/08 -
Mazda Mazda2 (Sedan)DE05/10 -
Mazda Mazda3 (Sedan)BL04/09 -
Mercedes-Benz C-Class (Sedan)W20407/07 -
Mitsubishi Lancer (5 Door Hatch)CJ10/08 -
Mitsubishi Lancer (Sedan)CJ10/07 -
Proton Persona (Sedan)-03/08 -
Subaru Liberty Exiga (5 Door Wagon)MY1010/10 -
Subaru Impreza (Sedan)MY0908/08 -
Suzuki Kizashi (Sedan)FR05/10 -
Toyota Corolla (Sedan)ZRE152R05/07 -
Toyota Prado (5 Door Wagon)KDJ150R11/09 -
Toyota Rav4 (5 Door Wagon)ACA33R02/06 -

The full results of SGIC’s Reversing Visibility Index can be viewed at SGIC Reversing Visibility Index.

* Based on a survey of 500 SA drivers by Pure Profile Research in October 2010.