Covered at the busiest of times

You’re running behind, the kids are dragging their heels and the radio crackles something about traffic being bad. It’s not hard to imagine flying out the front door and forgetting something.

If you’ve ever left a door unlocked, you’re not alone. In fact, research shows one in three people will leave a door unlocked on any given day.*

We’re simply busier than we’ve ever been. The morning routine takes our attention away from our home and its contents. Instead, our focus is naturally fixed on loved ones and children. Our mind is on our passions and our careers. Our bodies are running to catch transport and our eyes are on the clock.

With 30 per cent of renters also admitting to leaving a door unlocked at home, it could pay to de-stress your ‘morning routine’ to ensure your home and contents stay safe. Here are five tops tips for a hassle-free morning:

1. Shift tasks to the evening before

Have work ready, shirts ironed, dishwasher on and your briefcase or bag placed by the door. Packed lunches can also be prepared early and left in the fridge.

2. Beat the hunger

If you have to eat before you leave or have hungry mouths to feed then keep fruit in the kitchen or prepare something the night before to give you a head start on the day. Alternatively have a few breakfast snacks handy so you can take something along with you on the commute if necessary.

3. Many lists make light work

Don’t be shy with post-it notes or lists. If you have a morning task list, your routine can run like clockwork. It’s not overkill – it’s a renewed focus. If a check of windows and doors is last on the list, you’ll have some confidence knowing your house is safe all day. A post-it note on the back of the door could help you with that final reminder.

4. Set a phone alarm

To avoid that panic-stricken moment where you glance at the clock and realise you’re already late, set a reminder on your phone that alerts you five minutes before you have to leave the house. This will give you a few final moments to grab what you need and do some final checks.

5. Early to bed, early to wake

An extra half an hour in the morning means more than it does in the evening. If you’re struggling to wake up in the morning and leave yourself with little time to get ready then try heading to bed half an hour earlier and wake up earlier. Staying up late watching TV or checking emails will only result in a restless sleep, which ultimately has an impact on your morning.

Following these tips should help you leave your home safe and secure. To give you extra peace of mind,SGIC Home Insurance covers you for theft even if there are no signs of forced entry, because we understand anyone can accidentally leave a door or window open.**

*2007 Woolcott research
**You must take reasonable care to secure your home and contents. Cover is subject to standard underwriting guidelines and policy terms.

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