Loyalty Discount FAQs

What’s happened to the Multi-Policy Discount and Years of Insurance Discount?

The new Loyalty Discount replaces both of these previous discounts

Is my No Claim Bonus linked to my new Loyalty Discount?

The No Claim Bonus is separate from the new Loyalty Discount. If you are eligible for a No Claim Bonus this will also be applied to your policy

When will I receive my Loyalty Discount on my other policies?

Your Loyalty Discount will be applied to each of your eligible policies on their next renewal date

Is my Loyalty Discount affected by any claims I make?

Any claims you make will not affect your Loyalty Discount level

Which policies count towards and receive a Loyalty Discount?
Policy TypesEligible to count towards a discountEligible to receive a discount
Car and Motorbike: All policies



Vintage, Veteran & Classic Car



Home* : All policies



Landlord* : All policies



Caravan (Onsite & Touring), Boat, Trailer



Retail Business Insurance



*Home Buildings & Contents Insurance Combined counts as two policies.

My policy is in joint names. How is the Loyalty Discount calculated?

Each named policy holder has an individual Loyalty Discount. We identify which owner has been with
us the longest and has the most policies, then apply the highest Loyalty Discount to the joint policy. The
Loyalty Discount is recalculated at each renewal.

What happens to the policies I have in a business name?

To receive a Loyalty Discount your eligible policies must be in the same name. For example, John has 4 policies: a home policy and boat policy in his name (John Smith), and 2 car policies in his business name (John’s Plumbing). He gets a Loyalty Discount based on 2 policies (home and boat) and John’s Plumbing will get a separate Loyalty Discount based on the 2 car policies.

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