Could you cope without your car?

21 March 2011

A recent SGIC survey revealed more than 75% of SA families who drive rely heavily on their cars, yet only 25% have insurance cover with car hire*.

SGIC spokesperson Mariana Cidade said most families rely heavily on their car for their day-to-day activities.

“Our survey showed that 63% of families don’t know what they’d do without their cars with a further 13% saying they would borrow someone’s car or a partner’s to get by.

“Every day activities essential to running the household would be impacted by the loss of a car, with 97% using the car for grocery shopping, 87% for visiting relatives and 85% for taking kids to school or childcare.

“The loss of a car may also impact the household’s income earning capability, with more than half of families using the car to drive to work. It was concerning to see that 75% of families did not know if they would be provided with a hire car or did not have hire car cover with their policies,” said Ms Cidade.

SGIC recommends car-reliant families add the hire car option to their Comprehensive Car insurance, or take out Comprehensive Plus Car insurance.

Comprehensive Plus Car Insurance offers SGIC’s highest available level of car insurance cover, including unlimited car hire until customers are back on the road and taxi benefits are a standard feature.

* Based on a survey of SA families by Pure Profile Research in March 2011.

When making decisions about the product you should consider the Product Disclosure Statement available from SGIC.