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Where do I start ?

If your home's been damaged, or things you own have been damaged or stolen, let us know as soon as you can by making a claim.

Read on for information about the claims process and what you'll need to provide, and FAQs to help answer your questions.

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How do home claims work?

Make a claim

You can make a claim online and upload any supporting photos or documents immediately. Alternatively you can call us on 133 233 to start your claim. You'll need your:

  • Home Insurance policy number
  • Details of what happened.

Once your claim is lodged we’ll let you know how it’s progressing and discuss. You can track your claim progress in your acccount and our web chat team can help with any questions you have.

You can also add details and track the items you’re claiming for online, and upload documents like photos and receipts.  

Assessing your claim

We'll explain the options for repairs and replacement, including if we need to assess the damage.

If an excess applies, we'll tell you when you lodge your claim. In most cases you will be asked to pay the excess to the repairer or supplier, or we can deduct it from any payment we make to you.

Assessing a building claim

A convenient time will be arranged with you to inspect the damages you're claiming for.

We'll let you know what needs to be repaired. If there's anything that won't or can't be repaired, we'll explain this to you.

Replacing or repairing items

We can organise for most items to be repaired or replaced through our suppliers. Or we can arrange to provide the funds to you.

Settling your claim

We'll arrange for repairs to be completed, items to be replaced or for funds to be sent to you.

Building claims

For most claims we can organise one of our partners to do the work and we'll provide a lifetime guarantee for the work done.

If you have a builder or tradesperson you would prefer to use, simply let us know.

Contents claims

We'll arrange for items to be replaced and have them delivered to your home. We can also provide you with a store credit or card for one of our suppliers, or send the funds to you.

Finalising your claim

Once repairs or replacements are completed and the excess has been paid, a claim can be finalised.

We'll also advise if there's been any change to your No Claims Bonus, as it may reduce slightly.

What's my No Claims Bonus level?

See your current No Claims Bonus level online in your account.

Make a claim online

Log in to lodge a home claim online and:

  • Track the progress of your claim
  • Tell us about items you're claiming for
  • Upload photos.

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Am I covered?

Read the top questions we get about different types of home damage

House roof tiles

Get ready for storm season

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we cover damage caused by storm weather for example:

  • Violent wind
  • Cyclone or tornado
  • Rain
  • Thunderstorm
  • Hail or snow

We even provide temporary accommodation costs for owners and their pets if your home isn't liveable.

Find full details in the Product Disclosure Statement

We cover damage caused by water leaking or escaping from:

  • House gutters
  • Drain pipes
  • Pipes
  • Baths and toilets
  • Washing machines
  • Dishwashers
  • Aquariums
  • Water tanks
  • Water beds
  • Swimming pools

Find full details in the Product Disclosure Statement

Where the fracture extends through the thickness, we cover unintentional damage caused to:

  • Glass windows and doors
  • Cooktops & oven doors
  • China sinks, showers, toilets and baths

Find full details in the Product Disclosure Statement

When you make a claim, we may ask you to provide:

  • Purchase receipts
  • Photos of the damage
  • Credit cards or bank statements

You're covered even if you forget to lock your door or window so if your home is burgled while you're out, we've got you covered.

Find full details of how we cover your home in the Product Disclosure Statement