Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance

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We all make mistakes – but when you're at fault in an accident, you'll be very glad skimping on your essentials cover wasn't one of them. Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance provides up to $20 million in liability cover, plus up to a market value of $5,000 worth of cover if your car is damaged in a crash caused by an uninsured identified driver.

We've got the basics covered:

  • Up to $20 million in liability cover if your car causes an accident and a claim is made against you for loss or damage to someone else's property
  • Cover up to a market value of $5,000 if an uninsured driver crashes into your car1
  • Lifetime guarantee for workmanship on authorised repairs
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Want the benefits of Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance plus added peace of mind?

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1 Cover if we agree it was the other driver's fault, they are uninsured and you have their details.