Diversity, inclusion & flexibility

IAG is committed to creating a workforce and culture, where:

We respect and value the different experiences of our people, and harness the opportunity and business benefits that diverse ideas and perspectives bring to our organisation and stakeholders.

To drive the future success of our company we need to attract and retain the best people.

Diversity is fundamental to this, because talent doesn’t confine itself to one gender or group of people. Attracting and retaining business leaders who are passionate about our customers and have a broad range of skills and experiences will encourage innovation and in turn, deliver an improved financial performance.

At IAG, we're concentrating on improving gender, age and ethnic diversity in our organisation. We believe that improvement in these areas supports our workforce sustainability and builds competitive advantage by leveraging thinking and aligning more closely with our customer base.

Diversity targets

IAG has publicly committed to a target of improving the number of women in senior management positions to 33% by 2015. We have 32% of senior management positions filled by women in 2014, and are on track to achieve our goal by 2015. Below, one of our senior leaders, Fiona Phillips, discusses her experience:

Fiona Phillips
Executive General Manager, Transformation, Commercial Insurance

Fiona Phillips believes a diverse workforce enriches IAG and its people.

"Each of us has a unique perspective based on our gender, culture and life experiences. When you mix people with different perspectives, thoughts and beliefs, the result is richer decision making and higher-quality outcomes – and that just makes good commercial sense."

"Promoting diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace is about celebrating people's differences, and being flexible. Before I went on maternity leave, for example, I worked with my manager to come up with a plan for when and how I would come back to work. Being clear about what would work for me and the business and being proactive in managing my career was key to making that transition a success."

"IAG's diversity, inclusion and workplace flexibility policies provide opportunities for everyone. Nothing will stand in your way, whether you're older, a parent, have a disability or come from a different ethnic group. Those factors will never, ever be an impediment to success at IAG – it's up to you to seize any opportunities and you'll be limited only by your imagination."

Workplace Gender Equality – Public Report for 2014–2015

The Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (WGE Act) places a focus on promoting and improving gender equality and outcomes for both women and men in the workplace.